So much has happened since the last update yet not a single one was documented.


The car was broken into when I was at Bukit Jalil Park on November 28. The robbers ransacked my car and took away my camera bag that was kept in the boot. I lost almost all my gears; […]


For the longest time, I felt Ailsa Khee was a colleague who was all work and no play. She would only talk when she was needed to and no matter how many times I tried to engage her on and off work, she just wouldn’t budge. I called her, the Ice Queen. I guess it […]



On August 24, 2014 In Not So Random After All

I may have officially graduated last year. It was only nine months later I got to attend my own convocation.

Some people have waited for this day to come long enough but personally, I did not want to attend as it was a waste of time. There was no reason for me to return […]


Another (random) weekend, another photo walkabout at Pudu.